Yoga and hiking resort in Norway

Yoga and hiking resort in Norway in 2018


From 6th of August 2018 to 10th of August 2018


From 27th of August 2018 to 31th of August 2018


From 1th of October 2018 to 5th of October 2018


From 22th of October 2018 to 26th of October 2018


there are guaranteed spots available.


The resort

UnniOla-huset is a beautiful resort in Veitastrond, Norway. It’s located near the grand fjord, Sognefjorden, in western Norway (where I grew up) with tall mountains surrounding everywhere.

With UnniOla-huset as a basecamp, you can travel to Sogndal or Jotunheimen with endless outdoors activites.

But also locally in beautiful Veitastrond – you can experience the glacier ‘Jostedalsbreen’ with qualified guides from May to August.

You can go on mountain-hikes all year, and you can fish in the breathtaking water. There is possibilites for renting a boat.

There is also possibilites for bicykling, and you can rent bikes.

Visit UnniOla-huset on these links:



We will finish off the day at 22:00.

We will start the day at 10:00.

You are welcome to wake up earlier, but keep quiet and use the time for meditation, yoga, breakfast or a walk.

The day will contain of yoga and talks in the morning.

Then we will start of first hike on the second day, an easy hike, as the first day is to get settled in and get to know each other.

On the third day we will do a more advanced hike.

On the forth day we will go biking or just yoga in the morning as we get ready to leave in the afternoon.



There will be served vegan food, but if you want to eat other types of food, you are welcome to shop at the local supermarket.

All meals are included. Breakfast in the morning, fruit and buscuits as snack, lunch and then dinner. There will also be possibility for a late meal in the evening.




Up on request and appoinment, transportation to Sogndal /Sogndal airport is included. From there, there are buses, boats and airplane to go further. There is also a bus that goes to Veitastrond.